Donnerstag, 28. April 2016


What I am wearing on my visit to the guard at the palace? 
 I opted for the flared trousers Marlene style 
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and a white t-shirt with scripture printed in black! 
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The wool-cardian /*SHOP: Farfetch here /was a good choice and the espradrilles in white 
/*SHOP: Sigrun Woehr here./ Perfect the bag in black with gold metallic lock. 
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And the chain in gold metallic look with black stones. (vintage)
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What seems the sun for a great day and it is blue sky. I almost think it should be so. 
I needed a little sightseeing in Monaco. 
The palace with great viewpoints and the garden around the palace really chic. I was of course in the church! As impressive and yet kept very simple. 

I love it and  great I came to the history of Monaco and the Principality little closer.

Then I went down through the gardens and the marina. I could visit everything on foot. 
But uphill was tiring. who has no desire to run drive small seightseeing tracks high.

The large marina Platform was lugubrious, single plate. To chill out at lunchtime quite nice.

 I've now been on the trail of the magnificent backdrop of the palace and it was stunning.

The time in Monaco was graceful in Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo and I would have liked to have remained all the time at the hotel.



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