Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018


What to wear Fall / Winter Season 2018 ? 

I am wearing a white tweed dress with round neck and zipper and pockets . Ham shaped is pencil straight. Ohhh , when I got this dress I was so positive and happy . 
I fall in love with this dress <3 
I say only tweed me if you can .....
this style is very unique and a event style for the red carpet maybe ? enjoy 

Fashion talk : 
Trend tweed : skirt , dress , blazer ,is a must-have garment . 
It depends on the right combination, because a tweet garment enough to be able to wear the style on the street. 
The classic two-piece is more responsible for the special occasion.

For my part, I've been finding the various tweed fabrics top for quite some time now. 
I also love blue with pink, but white is simply the dream par excellence. 

A style break succeeds with cowboy boots or leather jacket. I've combined the perfect hat with velvet silver chain to create a rock style break. So girls on the go ...

Tweed me if you can


pic location:
 Germany Hamburg, Alster

The nice online shop #Shein asked me to write a review and I love to.. here we go:the best next look  you can find for cheap and the quality is great! The look , dress white tweed I chose by myself ." 


Montag, 1. Oktober 2018


What I am wearing today ? 
A beautiful cocktail dress colored red. But red is not only red . In fashion talk you speak about : " RED PEAR ( bordeaux red ) and "VALIANT POPPY" (extra vagant red ). Very sweed the bow detail in front and the pussy from behind. You can wear this outfit for dinner and cocktial time . 

Enjoy more dress inspiration . 

pic location:
 Germany Hamburg, Alster

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