Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2019

What to wear for christmas time ? 

Yes , that`s a new "wishlist"  
I love to present you this two LOOKS . 
Maybe one style for the Christmas Holidays ? 

FashionTalk :
"Also for the party time a new LOOK, the Christmas parties start soon, and always the same question what to wear?
That's why christmas prints are one of my favor and  always a great look for the upcoming Christmas- holidays !
Especially cute the leggings  (3 . ) so amazing . ..
 But also  the free shoulder
 Look (1. ) and (4. )
The interesting prints for the Christmas Season have a very individual LOOK.
Very easy to combinate with a skirt (5.)  OR a leggings (3. ) ! Very nice for both LOOKS the "red christmas bubble dangle earrings " (2. )

What style do you like most ? 


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I love to inspire you with more Looks for the upcoming christmas days . 

The nice *shop dresslily Here  asked me to write a wishlist .
so here we go :

My favors you can find now ..... 

 *Wishlist Christmas LOOKS  :- 

High Low Button Embellished Mini Knitted Sweater

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Christmas Round Bubble Dangle Earrings

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 High Waist Ankle Leggings Digital Print Skinny Active Yoga Pants

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Cold Shoulder Snowflake Pattern Christmas T-shirt

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Plaid Print Lace-up Faux Leather Pleated Skirt

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