Samstag, 27. Januar 2018


What I am wearing today ? 
A great flower-power LOOK  for the next coming summer 2018 holidays. 

January is a very boring month so I decide to travel to a amazing destination : THAILAND ILAND KHO CHANG . 
In my suitcase I packed only dresses , bikinis , sports wear and some tops , denim-shorts ....and my photo cameras and lenses. 

I have never visited Thailand before, so it was one of the best experiences I could make with visiting another culture and travel destination.
But pictures says more than words.
It is not difficult to make some shootings exclusively for you in such a dull atmosphere. 
What could be better a lonely beach palms sea noise .... I can only say it feels free.

T H E  L O O K :

"A amazing robe duster coat with two front pockets and belt features a floral graphic thoughhout and a slide slit detail." 

You like it ? 
What is your favor for next summer holidays ? 
You like hideaways Ilands far away . 
stay tuned more the next  month :
  Categories: travel. 

Love Carmen 

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