Samstag, 15. Oktober 2016


What I am wearing today ? 
A amazing place to be ,
I really love PISA . 
You can´t image how it feels like , because years ago I was here . 

My summer was fantastic and my favor is Italy always , because the beautiful culture and the food , fashion, sightseeing ! 

I want to present you my new bag with golden zipper . 
So classic and feminine I love so much . 
The sneakers with flower print are the best to have a sightseeingwalk .
 The white top with oversize arms very trendy look this season and next year also on the runway shows you always saw .  
The scarve is vintage and etro -style ! 
This season you can mix all you want ! 
And feel free to change your wardrobe . 
More color, more make up , more accessoires ! 

Love Carmen

the place PISA :

"Camposanto Monumentale ("monumental cemetery") or Camposanto Vecchio ("old cemetery")" 
A place of rest and inner balance. It is and remains a peaceful place.

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