Montag, 11. Juli 2016


Ohh!  You love Ibiza old town ? 

Me too , what I am wearing today ? 
I love to show you a special style of jumpsuite I am in love with. 

I saw it and I think it`s timeless style. 

Very cozy style and perfect for the beach and sightseeing in old town of Ibiza. 
It remember me of the styles in the 70th and even I am a fan of this style . 
A romantic color , with a romantic sexy lacing up in front . I pinned a pineapple in front :) you like ?
You see the lace up now everywhere , dresses, bikini, tops and also  shoes !

You wanna get to be styled up this summer 2016 ? 
Check your wardrobe and combinate with denim , skirts , hotpan and more ... maybe 
The big bag is 
 my new one , with big zipper in metallic-gold so beautiful and perfect for beach, shopping, dinner ....traveling . 
Purple color and suede-leather are my best friends this summer. 

*love Carmen*

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