Montag, 27. Juni 2016

     LOCATION PICS: Restaurant "dior-des-lices" St.Tropez 

What I am wearing in St.Tropez ?
 It was a special day to visit St. Tropez . 
The top in color orange I fall in love with , for summer look very sunny it`s the new summer collection ZARA . The blue destroid denim is also new from H&M and the size fit it`s perfect. 
The hot sandals from Isabelle Marant are really great for a day walk in the town but also for the beach wear . 
The wooljacket you always know its a nice warm cozy jacket . Sometimes it`s even windy and so a cardian is always a good choice . 
The golden chain is one of my favorites &otherStories . The sunglasses is from Celine . 

But you want to know where the pics are taken ? 

At the summer hot spot Restaurant : "Dior des Lices" St. Tropez . If you travel to St.Tropez it`s one of the beautiful places today . The Dior House Shop is soooooo beautiful . For all fashionlovers you have to see one time . 
I love the Dior Store . 

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Tell me if you like it ? 

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