Dienstag, 14. November 2017


What I am wearing today ? 
It `s time to warm up ! My new favor LOOK . I love to present the streetwear style ! I know you love streetwear styles, I love them too and that's why I've always gone down to the streets and the beautiful squares in my city of Hamburg to present you today's outfit. 
Today I am wearing a beautiful hooded jacket  in a soft and effortless fabric, this outwear is featured in fitted silhouette. Featuring back lace-up and heart shaped pockets with beautiful bowknot details. 
The jacket is for a city walk perfect , I fall in love with the romantic notes of this style . 
The stirrup-pants are great to combinated this look .The boots with the cute cartoon-cat embroidered style , amazing. 

Fashiontalk :
The leisure suits : 
Today's leisure suit is no longer what it used to be, it is clear he should be cuddly and loose. The jacket has a hood or not. But he is sociable and not only portable for the home. Stars wear the style with stilettos, but it's also possible with sneakers. The typical leisure suit has faded with it. The big designers LOOKS like #Chloè, #MarcJacobs make it happen. I love this trend!


pic Location : 
Hamburg , Germany 
Parc Planten un Plomen

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1. Hooded zip up lace-up heart pockets jacket-black
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2.Cartoon cat embroidered snow boots-black
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