Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017


What I am wearing today ?

I am wearing a summer paradise LOOK . The LOOK is a vintage style . The top with palm sequin and the long denim skirt perfect with the printed sneakers . The denim hat is a nice one from Capri Iland and so beautiful. The chain  "Love " is a very nice  collection.  
The last weeks I ordered more new styles and I am waiting for the parcels and will show you more styles for the holidays in this summer 2017. 
My next stop will be Barcelona , Spain . I never be there but stay here for more details.  when I am  back I will present you next week the exclusiv Barcelona  , pics . I think there is so much to see .... 
You have been there one time ? 
Some nice tips for shopping in Barcelona ? 
See you soon ! 
Love Carmen

Pic Location:
north of Germany ,landscape view . 

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