Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017


What I am wearing today ? 
I love the color khaki and the military chic 
jacket is one of my favor , it`s now sale everywhere a good chance to get some nice items for the New Year 2017 ! 
Maybe you want to change your style 
this year 2017 ? 
For me it`s no problem. I love to wear and combinate many styles ! 
I don`t know how many styles I present you in my blogging life .  I began in April 2013 and I can say I love to present you more new styles ... in the future!
This year 2017 will be in fashion a new innovation , you love trends of the 80 s years , pink is the new black . broud shoulders , garden flowers prints , ruffles still standing , stripes also and the best all what you need are shiny sequins ! 
My new boy bag is my love , and I am so happy about that amazing boy bag chanel 
" Croisiere 2016/17". 
It`s grained calf leather , black and gold colored metal .  
Enjoy the pics ! 
The runway is now on the street . 

Love Carmen

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