Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016


What I am wearing in Paris part 2 ?
There is nothing more to say the world need drama , I really love the collection of new style for the street , it seams like ..... to say here I am ! And it`s like that ! 
The best place to show how it looks like it is Paris . 
Sometimes it needs a hit of color and print . This is the innovation of more .... ! The comfort zone is nudged out . The zebra print in blue black #leggings is one of my favorite . The woolsweater with mixed print look zebra and stipes a coool stuff . 
The Cap ohhh hot hot . 
I decided to present you the drama look !

! have a beautiful 2.Advent !

The pics are taken Tuileris Garden 
with iphone6plus, so the pics are snapshots: 
"This  garden was used to be the garden of the King and the court . At the time when Louvre was a royal palace . Today it`s one of the most popular gardens in Paris , where the Parisians like to spend their nice weekends . This is a place to be . The amazing walk to the Plaza the Concorde, Paris ." 

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