Donnerstag, 18. August 2016


What I am wearing today ? 
I am wearing a maxi skirt , chiffon in white and top white with lace up .
My lovely sandals in silver you always know . 
If I pack my bag , never without them . 
The place where the pics are taken is in Italy #ValeggioSulMincio a beautiful history place , 

I thaught I am in a mytos of a beautiful story . 

I think it´s a perfect place for cinema films also . This place is so stunning in its quiet and exudes a special elegance of . For painters artists an inspiring place to stay!
But you know I love the Looks of the 70th and the Bohemain - Styles and here I am wearing a romantic ones. 
This Style is perfect for garden - party, flowers, and hats . 
You feel very light in this style and the maxi-skirt in transparence chiffon is a must- have this season .

 I love to wear it also for beach-days . 
You like it ? 
Tell me !

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