Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

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What I wear in Florence in the center almost everything is walking distance, a car is not absolutely necessary. 
On cultural buildings museums is considered much. The roads often cobblestone, a pair of sandals I unfortunately had to dispose of as they were broken hahaha, but something new is also not bad, you like my made in Italy bought  shoes ? of #Momenti ? genuine patent leather, just great. 
The denim skirt with the overzise white blouse -look is one of my favorite style this season . A leather-jacket is almost my fav. You like it ? 

It was worth the day and the night were rescued. Great walked in the streets , there was a winery of #ANTINORI to visit with subsequent tasting. 
Really nice  but the backyards should look into it. There is much to explore.
 At least 7 days should Florence surroundings schedule. 
A quick trip to the mall is a must for Prada, Gucci, Tods, Coach , La Perla and more fans. The Outlet Mall offers. 

A short visit to "LuisaViaModa", in Florence should not enthusiastic at the fashion. 
The store is a concept of the great designer styles and new brands of tomorrow I love it . 
So I just say ti amo !!!

Enjoy maybe your visit in Italy. Oh mostly I post on Instagam lifestyle pics, check it out, there are the Museum Palazzo Pitty : Gallaria DEL COSTUME life pictures from the palazzo. Enjoy and tell me if you like the OOTD ? 


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