Mittwoch, 22. April 2015


What I am wearing one night MARRAKECH?

"Loves her is also, a night dive into another culture?
 The Story Marrakech, the Interior and the great facilities, which are unique in their design, and of course the fabrics and spices that are otherwise nowhere can see so diverse. A journey is well worth a night dive in there the action.
I wear a patchwork denim mini skirt and a top in this fake velor leather. In beige with gold border accents of jewelry. The tights is neon satin. A very noble reflection in the light. I wear the boots in brown. A chic ring can not be missing the best cocktail ring with gold and stone.THE BAG is very classy and I am in Love with her."
 What do you think about the Marrakech - Style?
Love Carmen 

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