Dienstag, 7. März 2017

!Spring Style Collage !
What to wear this season ? 
The first look in the closet? Yes, clearly every year the view in the closet is a big drama and then comes the spring cleaning. The things are put on pile, as that still remains, that is classic, that is old and must go out. Yes, it will be difficult to separate from things. In today 's world, everything is very fast - paced in terms of fashion, but of course it should be at least 1 to 2 times a year, and as every year the must - haves! This spring is characterized by a variety of colors, such as Cuba, Bali and other destinations. The colors are bright and meaningful. So trust yourself and enjoy the looks of the street, which are aimed at you, for one thing is sure you will have much joy. The new sneakers are breathtaking! 
But what do you think of the Must-Have Style Collage? 
What do you like? 
Please leave a comment!
Love Carmen

*Ad Choice/ Anzeige :


1. IQ+ Berlin : Bomberjacket "Flamingo " 
SHOP : Edited here;

2. Nike Sneakers 

3.Valentino Resort 2017 Collection: Bomber Jacket with Cuba inspiration :

4.NiRa Rubens CIPRIA Sneakers:

5. Needle&Thread Bomber Jacket :

6.Adidas Originals sneakers classic "Stan Smith" version with the Farm Company :

"For this striking version of the classic "Stan Smith" sneaker, adidas Originals has partnered with the Brazilian label The Farm Company, with the brands of the island of Bali serving as inspiration source for this exotic floral print. "

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